Natural Gas

Natural Gas Deregulation:

Natural gas marketing is  now a widespread addition to the natural gas industry. Before the mid 1980’s, prior to the deregulation of the natural gas commodity market and the introduction of open access for everyone to natural gas pipelines, there was no role for alternate natural gas suppliers. Producers sold to pipelines, who sold to local distribution companies and other large volume natural gas users. Local distribution companies sold the natural gas purchased from the pipelines to retail end users, including commercial and residential customers. Price regulation at all levels of this supply chain left no place for others to buy and sell natural gas. However, with the newly accessible competitive markets introduced gradually over the past fifteen years, natural gas marketing has become an integral component of the natural gas industry.

Benefits to consumers:

As in most deregulated energy markets, one of the motivating factors for switching away from the previous regulated market places is to invite healthy competition in, with the end goal being to ultimately benefit the end user. As ESCO’s (energy service companies) compete for new market share, they develop new methods for attracting those new customers. With competition come aggressive pricing models, innovative products, and new service options. While default service providers, the local utility companies, still offer the same standard variable rate option they always have, many consumers are in fact seeing the benefits of seeking their gas supply services from other suppliers. These ESCOs often provide more competitive variable rates as well as fixed rates that offer price security not available from the utility company. Additional products are also available from different ESCOs; including partial volume lock-ins, pre-paid natural gas, customizable rate terms, market adder rates, triggered rates, etc.

Successful procurement:

Integrity Energy guides our clients to make smart decisions with natural gas purchases and rate selections. In the volatile and low margin gas market, having the resources of Integrity Energy on your side can very well mean the difference between successful gas procurement, and an unsuccessful one.

Rate Options:

At Integrity we tailor contracts and rates