Our Company

About us:

Integrity Energy is one of the leading professional energy brokerage firms in New Jersey, serving commercial and industrial customers in most deregulated areas throughout the US. Our mission is to help businesses and organizations improve their bottom line performance, through effective energy procurement and management. The function of energy consultation has taken an ever increasing importance in today’s business environment, as economic uncertainty and escalating costs all augment the value of controlling energy costs and risks, and increasing efficiencies.

           Our vision begins with our people, experts in the forefront of the industry, with the highest standards of professionalism, objectivity, and integrity. Our team consists of members with scores of combined years in business management, energy consulting, market analysis and customer relations. Together we are making a difference in helping our satisfied clients with their energy needs, serving thousands of accounts in our growing portfolio.

Why use Integrity?

       Our expertise and individualized approach will be an invaluable asset that can make electric deregulation work for your business. Integrity provides our clients with;


  •  Expert  & Unbiased Advice
  •  Effective procurement strategies
  •  Market timing advice
  •  Cost Control implementation
  •  Comprehensive Supplier Panel
  •  On-Going Market Updates
  • Contract advise and review
  • Eliminate risks from energy buy
  • Ongoing updates and tracking


A trusted and objective brokerage:

Successfully brokered energy procurements can achieve results and cost savings that far surpass what an individual organization can obtain. Our objective is the same as yours—to obtain the most economical and beneficial supply arrangement available and to further reduce costs as opportunities appear over the term. Integrity Energy’s supplier portfolio includes many electricity and natural gas suppliers and services around the country, so you’ll have access to highly competitive pricing and a full array of energy management products and services that help you identify, understand, and manage the variables that affect the total price you pay for energy. Simplifying the purchase and management of an energy load requires a thorough understanding of power generation and delivery, and their impact on prices. Many commercial and industrial businesses don’t have the time or resources to understand the complicated market variables and often confusing energy bills and charges. We go the extra mile in examining and presenting clients with accurate and realistic options for saving money.

Our comprehensive procurement consultations utilize the following approach;

Load and usage analysis- 

We review and analyze account’s current and historical data to identify patterns and components that affect pricing and buying options.

Risk Assessment-

There are inherent differences between various rate options, terms, contract types, and credit and budgeting requirements of each energy user. Furthermore, other evolving scenarios can affect energy use and contractual obligations, such as expansion/contraction plans, sale of property, change of location etc.. We probe a business or buyers risk tolerance, budgetary objectives, and future expectations, to determine suitable options and develop strategies that fits with the risk profile of our client, and achieves an acceptable risk-benefit ratio.


A simplified and clear presentation is essential for any energy purchaser to make sound and productive decisions in a timely fashion. Our analysts provide all information and options in an easy to understand format, with a goal of defining identified opportunities, and facilitating the decision making process and its implementation.

Requests, Bids, and Auctions-

Integrity formulates and drafts all necessary documents and compiles the information needed for the solicitation of bids or rates from prospective suppliers. The proper preparation of RFQ’s and RFP’s are essential to securing quick and accurate responses from eligible suppliers.

Contract Review and negotiations-

Many business decision makers today have little time or will to examine the fine print and legal jargon contained in a contract, and to ascertain that the supply costs are fully captured in the stated price, as well as the ramifications of various terms and conditions. We at Integrity are familiar with and proficient at reviewing and negotiating many types of contracts to ensure our clients’ management team is fully cognizant of all its components, implications, and legalities.

Rate Protection-

Integrity does the utmost to protect clients from provisions and factors that can cause their rate or contract to change. Through understanding client’s usage projections, contract scrutiny, evaluating supplier performance, monitoring subsequent bills and charges, we provide an extra measure of security.

Monitoring the energy markets-

The only certainty in today’s energy markets is volatility. That is why we continuously monitor energy futures, moving averages, and supply-demand trends. Market conditions play a great role in guiding a smart energy procurement decision, especially in determining how varying contract term lengths are priced vs. a baseline. Additionally, market trends play a dominant role in determining renewal timing and available product options, as well as exercising any possible contract revisions or rate locking. Our market knowledge is an invaluable component of managing a client’s accounts and is a key to employing strategic tactics which continuously provide maximum savings and benefits in deregulated areas.


Ongoing education and updates in the evolving field of deregulated energy are provided by our account management specialists.

An Integrative approach-

Since many factors affect overall energy costs, we use an integrative approach to tackling high energy costs. From demand –side management, efficiency upgrades, DR programs, performance contracting, to alternative energy and waste heat recovery, we are at the forefront of the energy consultation business striving continuously to improve our range of complimentary products and services.

REMEMBER, you can’t always buy the best but you can always broker the best!